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Pakistani Loach

Pakistani Loach

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Pakistani Loach

Botia Lohachata, Botia Almorhae

The Pakistani Loach is a great smaller alternative to the much larger-growing Clown Loach, developing interesting and unique patterning throughout the body, and having many of the same mannerisms and physical characteristics, these are a great way to fill out the bottom strata of any medium-large aquarium as they school tightly and are very active in larger groups. Pakistani Loaches, much the same as their close relative the Clown Loach, are great counter-measures for snail infestations, as they excel in sucking snails straight out of their shells for consumption, the same behaviour they enact in the wild.

Locale: Found most commonly in India, but also through certain river systems in Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh - most commonly in the Almora district of India, though can be found through much of the Ganges and other river / pool systems of these countries.

Fun fact: Another common name for the Pakistani Loach is the ‘Yo-yo’ loach, the name comes from the patterning commonly seen on many individuals of this species, having alternating black and beige-white banding that can take the appearance of the letters ‘Y’ and ‘O’ in succession of one another.


Care difficulty - Beginner, hardy schooling fish.

Temperament - Peaceful, schools tight when in large group sizes (e.g. 20+), however 6+ is recommended as minimum school size.

Adult size - Most commonly 12-14cms, but has been recorded up to approximately 17cms

Diet - Carnivorous; primarily feeds on micro fauna in the wild, predating on aquatic molluscs, crustaceans, insects, worms, and other invertebrates, though will occasionally feed on vegetable or plant matter if food is scarce. In the aquaria it is best to feed a mixture of high-protein meaty frozen foods, along with sinking wafers/pellets, to create a varied, healthy diet that replicates their natural diet.

Habitat - In the aquaria Loaches are very unfussy fish when it comes to environment, however recreating the natural environment of any fish is always beneficial, such an environment for the Pakistani Loach would include a light soft sand or fine gravel as substrate, branching driftwood, with smooth rocks, floating and submerged plants are a great addition also.


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 24-28°c

pH: 5.5-7.2

GH: 2-8

KH: 1-4


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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