Servicing and Installation

Our servicing packages:

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At Obsidian Aquatics, We pride ourselves on not only providing livestock to our customers but affordably maintaining them for the long term! We take the difficult maintenance and guesswork out of the hands of the hobbyists, so you can do what you do best, enjoy your fish!  

Our servicing packages include:

•Routine Water Changes

•Routine Water Test (Results Provided) 

•Cleaning Of Algae 

•Equipment Check-Ups

•Equipment Maintenance (Where Applicable)

•Health Evaluation (plants, coral, fish, etc)

•Assistance With Livestock Selection 

•Glass Cleaning 

•Cabinet Cleaning (externally) 

•On-Going Support 

•Livestock Credit 

•Free delivery of new livestock purchased through us (assigned on designated service days) 


Our rates are as follows;

•$95 Call-out fee (Refundable, see below)

•$79 Per hour standard rate

(GOLD PACKAGE) $65 per hour when 4-7 services are locked in via our bulk servicing packages.

 (PLATINUM PACKAGE) $55 per hour when 8 or more services are locked in via our bulk servicing packages. 

Email: for quotes! 

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Should you decide to sign-on as a recurring servicing client via one of our packages, you will be given a store credit relative to the package which you can spend on any of the livestock we offer.

Service are typically a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule that our team can organize based on availability and add you to our calendar

If any works required are outside of the scope of work as per our packages, our on-site service operator can provide an on-the-spot quote for requirements and we will charge accordingly.