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Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride

Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride

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Use with One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria

This bottle of reagent-grade ammonium chloride is for use when cycling. Dose of 4 drops per 3.8l of aquarium water. For use with One and Only Nitrifying Bacteria.

Generally, during a fishless cycle, you need to add ammonium chloride to your tank three times so:

  • a 2-ounce (60 ml) bottle will cycle 100 gallons (359 litres)
  • a 4-ounce (120 ml) bottle will cycle 200 gallons (757 litres)
  • a 8-ounce (480 ml) bottle will cycle 400 gallons (1,514 litres)
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