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Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

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Neon Tetra

Paracheirodon Innesi

The Neon Tetra is by far the most widespread and popular species of Tetra, being colourful and easy to care for, whilst staying small and peaceful, and also often being an Aquarium store’s least expensive fish, what more could you ask for?

Locale: Occurs through much of South America, most commonly Brazil, Leticia, Peru, Colombia and Tabitinga among other Countries - occurs most often in shallow tributaries and streams, especially in shaded areas, whether by vegetation or river banks.

Fun fact: Neon Tetras, much like other forms of Neon Tetra, actually have an aquarium bred Diamond Headed version, with a much darker colouration, and a much lighter silver colour to the head, giving the look of a diamond head.



Care difficulty - Beginner, hardy schooling fish.

Temperament - Peaceful, schools tightly when in large group sizes (e.g. 20+), however 6+ is recommended as minimum school size.

Adult size - 2-3cm

Diet - Omnivorous; will eat both ends of the spectrum, from filament algae to small invertebrates and microcrustaceans, so in the Aquaria it is best to feed a staple diet of smaller pellets or flakes, and can have frozen or even live food dietary supplements, such as live or frozen brine shrimp, live black worms, frozen bloodworms, frozen mysis with spirulina, these should only be fed once or twice per fortnight.

Habitat - In the aquaria Tetras are very unfussy fish when it comes to environment, however recreating the natural environment of any fish is always beneficial, such an environment for the Black Neon Tetra would include a light soft sandy substrate, dark driftwood, with smooth rocks and medium coarse gravel for detail, floating plants and submerged vegetation are a great addition also.


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 22-28°c

pH: 5.5-7.2

GH: 2-7

KH: 1-3


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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