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Neo. Multifasciatus

Neo. Multifasciatus

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Multi Shell Dweller

Neolamprologus Multifasciatus 

N. Multifasciatus, commonly known as the Multi Shell Dweller is one of the most popular African cichlids, and a great entry to Tanganyikan cichlids and cichlid breeding, being shell dwellers they are extremely easy to breed, doing most of the work for you.

Locale: Endemic to Lake Tanganyika - found in relatively shallow areas of the lake, between 5 and 40 metres deep, and 30-600m from shore.

Fun fact: Multifasciatus females are actually the smallest cichlid in the world, attaining approximately only 3-3.5cm!



Care difficulty - Beginner - Intermediate

Temperament - Community, kept best in large groups, even with other Tanganyikan cichlids

Adult size - 4-4.5cm for males 3-3.5 for females

Diet - Omnivorous; natural micropredators in the wild that would get both protein and vegetable matter in their diet due to the vegetable matter their prey had consumed. Best fed a staple diet of small pellets, with high protein foods as a dietary supplement once or twice a week.

Habitat - In the wild Multies live in a relatively shallow section of Lake Tanganyika, that consists of vast, open sandy plains scattered with small rocks and shells, replicating this in the Aquaria is very straightforward, a simple calcium based fine sand littered with escargot snail shells will do.

Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 24-27°c

pH: 7.8-9.0

GH: 16-28

KH: 7-14


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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