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Geophagus Rio Tapajos

Geophagus Rio Tapajos

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Geophagus Rio Tapajos

Geophagus Pyrocephalus

Easily the most popular and most commonly traded species of Geophagus, with good reason, a peaceful, stunning, whilst attaining a maintainable size.

Locale: Thought to be endemic to the Rio Tapajos, however there is debate around if the species is present in the Rio Xingu, the Rio Tocantins and the Araguaia - found in slow moving sandy river sections heavily scattered with wood and leaf/seed detritus.

Fun fact: Despite being discovered in 1991, ‘Rio Tapajos’ Geophagus were only described in 2023, being given the species name Pyrocephalus, a combination of the Ancient Greek words for “flame-coloured” and “-headed” 



Care difficulty - Intermediate

Temperament - Semi-aggressive, best kept with other similarly sized eartheaters, relatively peaceful for a cichlid

Adult size - 20-23cms

Diet - Omnivorous; These fish pass sand through their mouth and out thorough the gill slits, separating any microorganisms from the sand in the process. Best fed a staple diet of small pellets and wafers, with high protein foods as a dietary supplement once or twice a fortnight

Habitat - A sandy substrate coupled with small rocks and larger driftwood is an easy way to replicate the natural environment.

Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 24-28°c

pH: 5.5-6.8

GH: 3-10

KH: 1-3


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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