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Electric Yellow Cichid

Electric Yellow Cichid

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Electric Yellow Cichlid

Labidochromis Caeruleus  

The Electric Yellow (or Yellow Lab) is a great gateway fish to help the beginner hobbyist get started with African Cichlids, being a beautiful yet fairly calm African Cichlid, that is also quite forgiving of unstable or unhealthy water parameters in the aquaria.

Locale: Lake Malawi - found in rocky zones of the lake floor, forming large colonies within the rock work alongside other species’ of African Cichlids. 

Fun fact: Electric Yellows, like many African Cichlids, create a dominance hierarchy within the aquaria, often being the largest and most boisterous male in the tank, vying for control over the tank.



Care difficulty - Intermediate

Temperament - Territorial, however, relatively peaceful for an African Cichlid, best kept in big groups to dissipate aggression, in small numbers, infighting will occur.

Adult size - 10-13cms

Diet - Omnivorous; natural grazers in the wild that would get the majority of it’s diet from grazing upon algae that grows upon the rocks of the areas they inhabit, however will also eat microcrustaceans and juvenile fish if the opportunity arrives. Best fed a staple diet of small-medium African Cichlid pellets that are high in vegetable matter.

Habitat - Tank should be big enough to provide plenty of rocky areas, along with plenty of open space, this will allow for smaller Electric Yellows or other Africans in the tank that are lower in the dominance hierarchy to seek refuge if needed, along with plenty of open area for active swimming. 

Ideal Water parameters:

Temperature: 24-27°c

pH: 7.8-8.5

GH: 15-22

KH: 8-10


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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