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CADE REEF S2/F 600 - Special Order

CADE REEF S2/F 600 - Special Order

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The CADE Reef S2/F is a range of customisable rimless, sump filtered saltwater Aquariums designed specifically for the advanced reef aquarist. 


The R-S2/F has been expertly crafted to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised Reef Aquarium system without limitation. The Reef S2/F combines functional design and unique sophistication to produce a system that both compliments contemporary home decor whilst fulfilling all of your Reef keeping requirements. 


Designed in Australia, the CADE Reef S2/F range represents the perfect foundation to build your Reef.

System Specifications



  • 600x700x350 (LxWxH)
  • Capacity (Inhabitable): 126L / 33 gal
  • System Capacity (Total): 175L / 46 gal
  • 10mm Opti Clear Glass Tank
  • Open Top / Rimless Tank
  • Laser Etched Logo
  • Perfect Cut Silicone Edges
  • Highest Quality German Whacker Silicone
  • Double Laminated Black Glass Rear Panel 
  • White Tank Base Panel
  • Concealed 'Twin Intake Weir' (Unique to CADE)
  • Super Fine Adjustable Sanking Gate Valve' & Emergency Drain
  • Extra large 10L / 2.6 gal Gravity Fed Auto Top Off System
  • Jump Net Cover (NEW)



  • 600x700x900 (LxWxH)
  • 100% Waterproof Cabinet (Glass/Aluminum)
  • Cable Management & Dosing Pump Shelf
  • Dedicated Controller Management (Right Side Door)
  • Sump Maintenance Access (Left Side Door)
  • Power 8x Plug Power Boards with on/off Switches
  • Accessories / Dosing Pump Shelf (Removable)
  • Adjustable Castor Feet for Cabinet Levelling
  • Hidden Adjustable Rust Proof Door Hinges
  • Hidden Magnetic Door Closers 
  • Cabinet Supplied Assembled with Sump Installed



  • Newly Designed Glass Sump Filtration
  • Sump Operating Vol. 49L / 13 gal
  • Filter socks 4" (x1)
  • Media Baskets (x3) for Bio and Chemical Media
  • Pre Fabricated Screw Connect Plumbing (No silicone required)
  • Reactor Water Feeds (x1)
  • Chiller Water Feed (x1) 
  • One Way Return Valve


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