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CADE REEF S2 2100 - Special Order

CADE REEF S2 2100 - Special Order

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The CADE Reef S2 is a range of customisable rimless, sump filtered saltwater Aquariums designed specifically for the advanced reef aquarist.

The Reef S2 has been expertly crafted to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised Reef Aquarium system without limitation. The Reef S2 combines functional design and unique sophistication to produce a system that both compliments contemporary home decor whilst fulfilling all of your Reef keeping requirements.

Designed in Australia, the CADE Reef S2 range represents the perfect foundation to build your Reef.


System Specifications



  • 2100x750x650 (LxWxH)
  • Capacity (Inhabitale): 887L / 234 gal
  • System Capacity (Total): 1069L / 282 gal
  • 19mm Opti Clear Glass Tank
  • Open Top / Rimless Tank
  • Laser Etched Logo
  • Perfect Cut Silicone Edges
  • Highest Quality German Whacker Silicone
  • Double Laminated Black Glass Rear Panel
  • White Tank Base Panel
  • Concealed 'Twin Intake Weir' (Unique to CADE)
  • Super Fine Adjustable Sanking Gate Valve & Emergency Drain
  • Extra large 120L / 32 gal Gravity Fed ATO (Auto Top Off) System
  • Jump Net Cover (NEW)



  • 2100x750x900 (LxWxH)
  • 100% Waterproof Cabinet (Glass/Aluminum)
  • Chiller/Accessories Space 565 (L) x 660 (W) x 580 (H)
  • Chiller recommendation: TECO TK1000 / TK2000
  • Cable Management & Dosing Pump Shelf
  • Dedicated Controller Management (Right Side Door)
  • Sump Maintenance Access (Left Side Door)
  • Power 16x Plug Power Boards with on/off Switches
  • Adjustable Castor Feet for Cabinet Levelling
  • Hidden Adjustable Rust Proof Door Hinges
  • Hidden Magnetic Door Closers
  • Cabinet Supplied Assembled with Sump Installed



  • Glass Sump Filtration System
  • Filter socks 4" (x4)
  • Macro Algae Chamber (Removable)
  • Media Baskets (x12) for Bio and Chemical Media
  • Pre Fabricated Screw Connect Plumbing (No silicone required)
  • Reactor Water Feeds (x2)
  • Chiller Water Feed (x1) 
  • Reactor and Chiller Water Feeds are supplied with the option of connecting a reactors via hard plumbing (1/2" female) or a 19mm barbed hose fitting (not glued)
  • One Way Return Valve
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