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CADE ALTUMATE S2 1800 - Special Order

CADE ALTUMATE S2 1800 - Special Order

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The Altumate S2 is the latest range of oversized sump filtered Aquariums that are the first in the world to be specifically crafted to be the perfect foundation for both freshwater and saltwater applications.  This unique series originally named after the incredible Altum Angel is the 'Altumate' mixed application Aquarium.  Standing extra tall and wide, all of the Aquariums in this series measure an overall 800mm high with depths that increase incrementally with increasing lengths in the range. Bracing is constructed using a single sheet of water jet cut opti-clear glass. This single sheet of glass is then siliconed perfectly in place to CADE's industry leading standard to complete the minimalist look synonymous with CADE Aquariums.


Designed in Australia, the CADE Reef S2/N represents the perfect foundation to build your Reef.

Tank Specifications


  • Dimensions: 1500 (L) x 700 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Display capacity: 755L / 200gal
  • Total capacity: 842L / 222gal
  • Glass thickness: Sides 15mm, Base 19mm, Bracing 12mm
  • Opti-Clear glass.
  • Flat polished edges.
  • Braced top (single sheet water jet cut access holes).
  • White base panel
  • Black laminated rear panel
  • Slimline Internal Corner Weir - left rear corner.
  • Twin intake weir - surface and low level intake vents.
  • Silent operation.
  • Screw fit pre-fabricated plumbing.
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges.
  • Laser etched CADE logo.
  • Packaging: Plywood box. 


Cabinet Specifications.


  • Colour - Black.
  • Dimensions: 1500 (L) x 700 (W) x 900 (H).
  • Alluminum frame. 
  • Glass doors.
  • Dry storage and internal base shelf. 
  • Left side door access to sump filter.
  • Right side door accesses the controller board & switches.
  • Supplied pre-assembled (sump secured inside). 
  • Assembly time: 30-60 min.
  • Packaging: Plywood box.


Sump Filter Specifications.


  • Sump Volume (operating): 87L / 29.9gal
  • Water level (operating): 22cm
  • ATO Reservoir Capacity: 70L / 18.4gal
  • Elevated prefilter chamber.
  • Biological media chamber/s c/w media baskets. 
  • Pre-fabricated screw fit plumbing for easy installation. 
  • Sanking fine tuning gate valve.
  • Skimmer / Reactor chambers
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