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Bristlenose Catfish

Bristlenose Catfish

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Bristlenose Catfish

Ancistrus sp.

The Bristlenose Catfish is by far the most common and popular member of the Loricariidae family, the family that makes up all bristlenoses, plecos, and other L-number catfish. This fish has become such a staple catfish in the hobby for good reason, being a peaceful, easy to care for, cool looking, algae-eating, easy to breed fish, that also reaches a good yet manageable size.

Locale: Occurs throughout South and Central America, through much of the Amazon Basin - occurs most often in faster-moving portions of the river.

Fun fact: The “bristles” that occur on the head of a Bristlenose Catfish, that give the species it’s name, only occur on mature males, and are an easy way to distinguish the two sexes from each other.



Care difficulty - Beginner

Temperament - Peaceful

Adult size - 10-13cm on average, however occasionally surpasses 15cm

Diet - Omnivorous; in the Aquaria it is best to feed a staple diet of Algae / Spirulina based foods, such as algae wafers, with higher protein foods used to supplement the diet such as sinking pellets or wafers.

Habitat - In the aquaria it is best to recreate a medium-high flow setting with plenty of stacked rock and driftwood, the catfish will naturally chew on the driftwood as a part of their natural diet, however they will also cling to the rock and wood to blend in for camouflage, and to hide under/behind.


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 21-27°c

pH: 5.8-7.2

GH: 2-10

KH: 1-4


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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