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Female Betta - Assorted

Female Betta - Assorted

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Assorted Female Betta

Betta Splendens 

Betta Splendens, also known as Fighter fish or Siamese Fighting Fish, are a small aquarium fish with a huge personality, and are one of the most beloved types of aquarium fish, with the many different colours, patterns, fin types, and even sizes, of bettas, it’s not hard to understand why, they’re also a relatively nano fish, only needing aquariums of approximately 20L and up to live healthily in, meaning that almost anyone can enjoy them.

Locale: Originated in Thailand, but can now be found in much of Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and more - often found in small slow-moving creeks, rivers, pools, and rice paddies, often found in well vegetated areas, whether that be by submerged, floating, or even marginal plants.

Fun fact: All species of Betta possess an organ known as the Labyrinth Organ, this allows Bettas to breath atmospheric oxygen from above and around your tank! Bettas evolved this trait to combat volatile drought-monsoon periods in their natural range, in addition to this, a lot of water bodies that Betta Splendens occurs within in the wild is very low in oxygen, allowing the bettas to still respire, however in captivity a filter is still essential to house these beautiful fish.



Care difficulty - Beginner

Temperament - Semi-aggressive, Female Betta are much less aggressive than their Male counterparts, however will pick on each other in small numbers, or when kept in tanks of inadequate size.

Adult size - 5-7cm, though breeders have select bred types of Betta called Giant Bettas that can sometimes reach 10-11cm!

Diet - Carnivorous; natural micropredators that require a high protein diet, such as betta-specific pellets, or live foods such as daphnia, live baby brine shrimp, blackworm 

Habitat - Soft sandy substrate is ideal, driftwood and botanicals to lower pH and achieve a Blackwater aquarium through tannins leached into the water. Well planted with floating plants for cover is ideal. 


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 24-30°c

pH: 5.5-7.0

GH: 2-8

KH: 1-3


Fish size, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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