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Mollies - Assorted

Mollies - Assorted

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Molly - Assorted

Poecilia Sphenops

One of the most widespread aquarium fish, the Molly is a larger relative of the Guppy, and is available in as wide a variety of colours, and is as easy to care for, hence the species’ popularity.

Locale: Occurs in the through much of Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico, amidst other South and Central American countries, however can be found as an invasive species all over the globe - occurs in a wide variety of ecosystems, but seems to thrive best in algae and vegetation rich environments with middling flow.

Fun fact: Mollies are a great and popular freshwater fish, but what many don’t know is that Mollies are also a Brackish fish, and can even be kept in Saltwater for long periods of time, great brackish tank mates for Mollies are smaller Pufferfish and Toadfish, Psuedomugil Rainbowfish, Mudskippers, Gudgeons, and other Small-Medium Brackish fish.


Care difficulty - Beginner, hardy alkaline water fish.

Temperament - Peaceful, best kept in all-male tanks if no breeding is wanted, if breeding is welcomed, best to keep 2-3 times as many females as males, so that the females are not overwhelmed and overbred by males.

Adult size - 6-7cm for Males / 7-9cm for Females, though much bigger has been recorded for both sexes.

Diet - Omnivorous; will eat both ends of the spectrum, from filament algae to small invertebrates and microcrustaceans, so in the Aquaria it is best to feed a staple diet of smaller pellets or flakes, and can have frozen or even live food dietary supplements, such as live or frozen brine shrimp, live black worms, frozen bloodworms, frozen mysis with spirulina, these should only be fed once or twice per fortnight.

Habitat - In the aquaria Mollies are very unfussy fish when it comes to environment, as they occur in almost every imaginable environment in the wild.


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 22-27°c

pH: 7.4-7.8

GH: 10-15

KH: 7-9


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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