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Orange Comet

Orange Comet

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Comet Goldfish

Carassius Auratus

Comets are a popular type of Goldfish, one of the most popular aquarium fish available in the trade, they come in many colours and attain quite a large size of 30cm, and much larger in many occasions.

Locale: Can be found as an invasive species in almost every country on planet Earth, however are not natively found anywhere in the world, as the Goldfish that we know today are a man-made fish - the carp that Goldfish originate from are naturally found through much of East Asia.

Fun fact: Comets, along with all other types of commercially available Goldfish, are all in fact, one species! Carassius Auratus makes up all types of Goldfish, despite the fact that they can differ very much so from one another, much like dogs.



Care difficulty - Beginner

Temperament - Peaceful, mixing Goldfish of similar size and body shape is recommended.

Adult size - Most commonly 25-35cms - but has been recorded upwards of 35cms.

Diet - Herbivorous; will eat pretty much any food that enters the aquarium they inhabit, however optimal diet consists of vegetable matter, and sinking pellets that are vegetable, algae, or spirulina based.

Habitat - In the aquaria Goldfish are about as unfussy as it gets when it comes to environment, avoid any sharp rocks or wood as Goldfish can be quite boisterous fish, in addition to this, most aquarium plants that are added to the aquaria will be consumed by the Goldfish inhabitants, though this is not bad for the health of the Goldfish.


Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 15-22°c

pH: 7.4-7.8

GH: 15-20

KH: 8-10


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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