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True Altum Angel

True Altum Angel

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Altum Angelfish

Pterophyllum Altum

The Altum Angelfish is a beautiful and much larger variant of the more commonly traded Angelfish, that is much rarer in the Australian aquarium trade, they are very similar in temperament, but tend to prefer being kept in a shoal much more so than the standard Angelfish.

Locale: Native to Colombia and Venezuela - found in well vegetated slow moving river sections of the Amazon.

Fun fact: Similar to the common Angelfish, Altums will shoal when kept in groups, however Altums tend to be more timid despite being larger, so the more the merrier in a group.



Care difficulty - Beginner

Temperament - Semi-aggressive / community, best kept in pairs, or in groups of 6+ if the tank is big enough. If breeding, will be territorial llike any cichlid.

Adult size - 16-18cm long / 24-26cm tall

Diet - Omnivorous; natural predators in the wild that would get both protein and vegetable matter in their diet due to the vegetable matter their prey had consumed. Best fed a staple diet of small pellets, flakes, and wafers, with high protein foods as a dietary supplement once or twice a fortnight

Habitat - Tank should be tall, as unlike a lot of other aquarium fish Angelfish grow quite tall. Low flow so as to not stress the Angels. Tank should be well decorated with ornaments, plants, rock, driftwood, helps reduce stress and aggression.

Optimal Water Parameters:

Temperature: 28-32°c

pH: 5.2-6.4

GH: 2-8

KH: 1-4


Fish size, sex, exact colour and patterning may vary from photo.

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