Shipping and Returns

Australia Wide Shipping

All Live Fish orders to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland can be sent without any restrictions. Due to the high value of the Live Fish, they can only be sent airport to airport in order to ensure they arrive in the best possible conditions. For all Live Fish orders going to  Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania shipping will be subject to individual state laws.

Monster Fish Delivery

For Larger Fish that are too large to be shipped, we can have them delivered to your door during one of our monthly interstate trips. The charge for these are NOT THE SAME as our standard airport to airport shipping rates. When you purchase a fish that is too large to be shipped safely, you we will be contacted with a shipping quote from our door to door service.


There will be strictly no returns or refunds on Live Fish. It is the buyers responsibility to do their research on the species of fish they are purchasing to ensure they are compatible with their existing setup and to ensure they have the necessary knowledge prior to making the purchase.
While we will do our best to educate the buyer and ensure they have met all the caring requirements of the fish, we cannot guarantee the individual personalities of the fish. Being live animals, they can often change behavior and coloration when moved to a different aquarium.

 Live Arrival Guarantee

We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on all stingray pups bred by us and also on a select few other exotics. This means that in the very rare chance that any of the fish (that are covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee) are dead upon arrival, Simply send us a CLEAR VIDEO showing that the dead animal in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING and we will have the value of the fish refunded back to you. Unfortunately we will be unable to refund the value of the shipping cost.